The organizer will provide facilities for training. All participants are welcome to visit the organizing club, which will be open on dayly basis you will find the club here:

Studie 7,  at the address Munkevej 7A, 2nd floor in Thisted. Only 300 m. from the City center/harbour, where to and from the organizer will arrange frequently bustransport as a part of the free shuttle service.

When you bring your ECPC identity card, you can use the facilities for free. There will be a limited, but sufficient amount of racks in the club (3-4), as some will be used at the venue.

Guests without accreditation will pay a fee og DKR 40 (Euro approx 5,50 per day) The opening hours in the club: monday-thursday: 06-21 - friday: 06-20 - saturday: 08-17 and sunday 09-15

At the venue there will be 6 complete equipped platforms with ER Racks for warm up. And in a seperated area of the warm up there will be 2 equally complete equipped platforms open for for training all day long, from early morning to late evening. Training will not be allowed during ceremonies.

The Traning platforms can, if needed, in some cases when very large groups, be included as 2 extra warm up platforms If the organizer find it neccesary to include 8 platforms for warm up. In those cases the training will be closed during this specific competition section. That will in such case be informed at the technical meeting.

IMPORTANT: ALL racks at the venue, wam up and training, will be identical to the competition rack. Which means that the athletes easy can find their rack positions before weigh in. And therefore there will not be a rack available at the weigh in. The athletes will find their rackpositions in the warm up area, and inform them at the weigh in.